Getting BIG into Art!!

2009-10-15 21:33:07 by TheGoldenMonk

Hey ya'll! I've decided to move away from the programming scene, and get heavy into the ARTz! I've posted some of my stuff, and have yet to be scouted.... =( Well I'll get more stuff up soon! heres hoping I get Front Paged!

It feels good to get a fresh start back on Newgrounds! I have completed the transition from my old profile, Zeek664, to my new profile, TheGoldenMonk. This means I have a fresh batting average, and a clean slate for "better" flash movies & games.

Now on to my new ideas! I have had some pretty good game ideas lately, one currently in progress. It's platformer type of game that I call "Mini Miner!" It plays kinda like Fancy Pants Adventures, but it actually has a story line, and involve more digging... Thats all I can say about it for now, besides the fact that I have most of the character animations already done!

Peace Out Ya'll!